Sales Enablement at the Speed of Business: Why Sales Force Agility is the New Mandate for Success in 2017


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VP of Marketing and Business Development, Qstream
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For many B2B companies, selling in 2017 is akin to navigating an ever-shifting obstacle course. You start the new year with (what you think) is a bullet-proof plan, and then, seemingly without warning, something fundamental changes: a significant new competitor enters your biggest growth market, your product team announces a major release that dramatically shifts your buyer targets, or your newly appointed sales leader decides to roll-out a new selling methodology that renders all your existing go-to-market tools obsolete.

The reality is that sales forces are change-intensive organizations, and the pace continues to accelerate. Managing through this kind of change requires a sales force, and a sales development program, that can respond quickly to help sellers acquire new knowledge and skills, and respond to dynamic buyer and market requirements. But where do you start?

In this live interactive session, Qstream VP of Marketing Lisa Clark will discuss the new requirements facing sales and marketing pros responsible for team readiness, as well as emerging tools and techniques proven to help your sellers successfully navigate the inevitable changes to come.

About Lisa Clark

Lisa’s main mission is to establish Qstream’s acclaimed platform,  category and brand in fast-growth market sectors worldwide. Prior to Qstream, she led marketing for several successful early-stage software startups, including Avid Technology and Centra Software. She is a frequent industry speaker and author on topics related to data-driven sales performance, coaching and Millennial-ready sales enablement strategies. Lisa has a journalism degree from The American University, and a Masters in business communication from Simmons College.


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