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With a pandemic raging, a vaccine available but people still cautious, marketing has been highly competitive. It isn’t getting any easier. But you can’t give up. You still need to attract leads, create visibility, excite people to work for you and enhance your company image.  
Corporate meetings and marketing events continue to be confined to virtual experiences. Whether you are crafting an internal event for your entire employee base or a conference to invite all your customers to network and engage with your products, we will provide you with some tangible tips and tricks to help guide your planning process.
How can sellers break through the noise and differentiate themselves from the crowd?
Is your sales content helping reps close deals? You might not know the answer—and you’re not alone. Many sales enablement pros and product marketers who support sales teams lose sight of their content as soon as it’s released.  
Every sales organization has its top performers—the standout sellers who beat their quotas month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year.  
With respect to other positions, hiring salespeople is different, isn’t it?  Hiring a top sales performer is like looking for an Olympic athlete in a sea of weekend warriors. Often, candidates excel at selling themselves during interviews, but fail to sell enough of anything else after they’re hired. You need to get sales hiring right, and there is a better way. If you hire salespeople or support the managers who do, this webinar is for you.
Optimizing the LinkedIn profile, from a resume to a resource. From search engine optimization to branding you as the vendor of choice, this program will help you position your profile to attract, teach, and engage your buyers.
Basic Premise:   There goes half of your valuable outstanding training, down the drain. A strong, healthy self-Image and personal concept is vital for human beings to improve themselves.
Gamification begins with the effect of human psychology on performance and illustrates the many ways to use behavior to build a better workplace culture.
Enterprise sales teams that can adapt and respond quickly to changing needs and trends will be well positioned to stay one step ahead of the competition. This involves agile sales enablement training with content that is fresh, accessible and measurable.  
Have you ever watched a customer’s eyes glaze over during a salesperson’s proposal presentation? 
Struggling to make an impact with your presentations? This could be due to some fundamental flaws in your opening slides. Once you’ve lost your audience’s attention, you’ll never get it back.  
The events of 2020 created a different world for sales professionals, no doubt about it. Dr. Cindy McGovern will help guide you through a world that's seen Facetime replace face time. She'll discuss how the virtual environment has impacted the planning process, prospecting, and client communication. When it comes to success in sales, the fundamental things still apply---they just need to be handled a little differently. Get a better feel for this new way of doing business and come away with an action plan to improve your digital sales skills.
We are living in unprecedented times - ‘work’ as we know it has changed. Forever.  In order to thrive, organizations must re-invent themselves and embrace the new normal. As a Top 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencer, Jill understands how organizations operate, and what they need to do to attract, retain, and engage employees - whether they sit under your nose or work remotely. Are remote workers incredibly productive? Yes, but they also tend to feel more disengaged and neglected. In a day and age when people are still ‘sheltering in place,’ the companies that will come out on top are the ones which create and execute a strategy to effectively manage remote workers.
According to ATD’s last State of Sales Training report, 59% of respondents reported that the single largest inhibitor to sales training success was the inability to hold sales reps accountable for using what they learned in training. Unfortunately, this challenge directly and negatively impacts sales methodology adoption.
Every strong, confident, and effective business leader should actively work to develop and hone their own authentic presentation style. Whether you are gearing up to give a formal presentation to hundreds of people or a preparing for a critical sit-down with two people, this program will push the boundaries of your capabilities. Fabulous presenter? We turn up your potential. Nervous beginner? We'll get you comfortable and capable with a myriad of speaking situations. Every leader can learn to be a better, stronger, and more effective at persuading their audience. 
In this live webinar, our presentation experts will be covering advanced presentation secrets for experienced presenters. Steve Kosch is a former ABC, CNN anchor. Today, he is a top presentation and media coach who helps clients look, act and sound their best when it counts the most whether that is online, on stage or in the media. 
Is your sales content helping reps close deals? You might not know the answer—and you’re not alone. Many sales enablement pros and product marketers who support sales teams lose sight of their content as soon as it’s released.
Here’s a reality check. Sales managers often get set-up to fail. You’ve heard this story before. Top sales producer is promoted to sales management only to discover that the skills required to lead and develop a high performing sales team are very different than those required to be a top producer.
Great sales content drives conversations—and results. To keep sellers ahead of the competition and hitting their targets in 2021, they need access to the most timely, relevant, and impactful materials.
No doubt about it, in these uncertain times prospecting is tough. How do you reach contacts now working for home? How do you tiptoe around budget and pay cuts? What are prospects paying attention to today?  Should you be prospecting at all?
Salespeople need action oriented online training that quickly develops skills.  This is true around new hires, new services, and new market conditions.   Short Sims are learning scenarios that speak the action- and goal- focused language of sales people. Clark Aldrich will present real world examples of how quick-to-develop Short Sims are empowering training groups to empower sales organizations.   
Sales continues to change as we continue to learn more about the new normal. In fact, some companies are trying to figure out which channel will move the needle with their sales growth in 2021. How will your company adjust its sales approach? What channels will be the most effective?
Are your salespeople generating enough first meetings to support their sales goals and, more importantly, your business goals?  Are you tired of hearing excuses around how difficult it is to get in touch with prospective clients?  Let’s interrupt the pattern of too few first meetings and too many excuses by giving the tried-and-true, battle-tested cold call framework implemented with 1,000s of salespeople a new upgrade that adds video messaging.  
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