You Can't Teach People To Sell By Teaching People To Sell


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CEO, Integrity Solutions
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Vice President, Client Development, Integrity Solutions
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    Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Why are so few salespeople highly successful? Why do talented, intelligent people, with outstanding products and excellent training, still plateau well beneath their potential?

In fact, many more salespeople fail than succeed, with less than a quarter typically reaching high sales levels. Just teaching someone product knowledge, sales skills, and activity–management processes, although necessary, won’t cause the person to sell successfully.

That’s because up to 85 percent of success in selling is rooted in feelings, attitudes, emotions and beliefs. Yet most sales training fails to take these critical factors into account, and as a result, most sales training ultimately fails the people (and the organizations) it’s supposed to be helping.

This webinar will explore practical, proven ways training professionals and sales managers can influence the behaviors and attitudes that lead to higher levels of productivity and better bottom-line results.

After this interactive webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify why so many salespeople fail rather than succeed
  • Address 5 critical dimensions of sales success that are often overlooked
  • Apply training principles that impact the emotional issues of selling
  • Implement coaching ideas to help salespeople at all performance levels break through existing plateaus

All webinar registrants will receive a complimentary eBook: You Can’t Teach People to Sell by Teaching People to Sell


About Mike Esterday

Over the past 40 years, Mike Esterday – CEO of Integrity Solutions – has excelled as a salesperson, manager, coach and entrepreneur. In his first sales position, he was the number one salesperson out of 6,000 and then recruited, managed and coached over 500 salespeople. Next, he founded a company that grew to 36 franchised offices. 

Since 1985, Mike has helped salespeople and managers from over 130 countries enhance their sales and leadership skills.

About Terri O'Halloran

For over 20 years, Terri O’Halloran – Vice President of Client Development – partners with organizations to strategically design and sustain high performing cultures that achieve bottom-line results. As a result, those organizations improved customer loyalty, increased Net Promoter Scores, impacted recruiting and retention of high performers, and created highly customer-centric cultures. 

As a leader in a Fortune 500 Financial Services organization, she created and delivered management, leadership and coaching solutions for diverse audiences including Corporate Officers, Financial Services Professionals and Chiefs of Medical Staff.

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