The Sales and Service Training Shift: Technology’s Impact on Effective Learning Methods


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President and CEO, Miller Heiman Group
CEO, Intrepid Learning
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    Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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Technology has not only impacted the way we think, it has also shifted into high gear how we receive and consume information. This plays out across all divisions of
business, and sales and service organizations are no exception. Embracing new technologies, and accommodating personal learning styles, generational expectations, and varying skill levels, requires a comprehensive learning approach -- one that combines traditional and modern modalities that fit your company, your team and your culture. 

Join Byron Matthews, CEO of Miller Heiman Group, and Sam Herring, CEO of Intrepid Learning, for an engaging discussion on:
  • The modern learner, and why you need to care about what they want
  • Best practices for effective and engaging learning programs for sales and service people who can’t afford wasted time away from the job
  • How to align your business goals, your audience, and your modern learning programs
  • How changing your organization’s mindset around modern learning makes for better business results

You CAN get salespeople to voluntarily take and utilize training – but only if it’s built for the modern learner.

About Byron Matthews

Byron Matthews, President and CEO, leads Miller Heiman Group’s commitment to championing customer-management excellence throughout the customer life cycle and across the enterprise from one source. Byron brings to bear in his role a firm grasp of providing organizations worldwide with an expanded, holistic approach for developing and managing, and sustaining, long-term customer relationships.

Byron’s depth and breadth of prior experiences include serving as Senior Vice President of Sales at Aflac, where he led over 30,000 sales professionals across multiple channels, and over five years at Mercer as Global Sales Leader and Global Head of the Sales Performance Practice, where he grew revenue over 30 percent.

About Sam Herring

Sam Herring is CEO of Intrepid Learning. Intrepid’s technology empowers organizations to solve critical business challenges with its elegant, consumer-grade learning experience platform that scales massively, connects learning to everyday work, and provides an integrated social and mobile learning experience. Sam is past chairman of the board of ATD (Association for Talent Development), and holds degrees from Harvard and Yale Universities.

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