Practical Facilitation & Negotiation for Sales Professionals: Moving the Sale Forward and Closing Efficiently


David mantica
Chief Revenue Officer, Digital Transformation Inc.
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    Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Professionals lose 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings or approximately four days per month.  This figure makes it pretty clear, we need to improve meetings.  Meetings are critical to getting things done so we just can’t stop meeting.  Almost all meetings and anything critical to change in a business involves negotiation.  The problem with negotiation is once that word comes up everyone thinks competition and win at all costs, which is completely wrong on every level of business.

Ultimately if you want to move anything forward effective negotiation skills are necessary.  And to get things moving forward you have to facilitate discussion and work.  Most sales professionals use discount as their primary negotiation tool and in general, most people fear facilitation/presenting and negotiation more than death. This session gives sales professionals very specific tactics and skills to properly prepare for and conduct a facilitated session and work through a negotiation.

You will also learn:
  • What people do if they feel the lost a negotiation
  • 3 CORE principles of facilitation
  • 9 MUST DO steps to run a meeting that outputs value
  • How time, power, and information influence the outcome of a negotiation
  • Effective negotiation planning
  • How people fail in a negotiation
  • How negotiation winners ultimately lose 

About David Mantica

David Mantica is CRO of DTI (Digital Transformation Inc.). His career as a business leader in the training, coaching and consulting industry spans twenty-two years. As a specialist in business-to-business human capital transformation, David brings deep experience to roles in executive, product management, marketing, and operations capacities. He has an impressive portfolio of goal-driven successes identifying market opportunities in the training sector and responding with training product development initiatives. He has led or conducted product management efforts around more than 300 training courses, delivered both as expert-led classroom programs and live online training delivered remotely. Courses developed by his firms have addressed skills gaps in a range of industries, including the software development life cycle, many IT topics, telecommunications, finance, healthcare IT and marketing.

David’s primary professional expertise lies in his unique ability to understand the business drivers that underscore the need for technology skills and find a market niche for educational products which help professionals achieve competitive advantage with these skills. He also specializes in topics focusing on the alignment of business needs and technology resources and building training solutions around it.


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