Visual Sales and Marketing Secrets that Improve Your Success Rate


Author, Owner, Billion Dollar Graphics
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    Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Increase your likelihood of success by 43% using visuals in your sales and marketing materials. Billion Dollar Graphics' Mike Parkinson - a Microsoft MVP - will show us the secrets the pros use to market and sell better.

We'll also cover:
  • How to stop wasting money and time using photos, infographics, animations, and imagery the wrong way. 
  • What does and doesn't work...and exactly why
  • tips, tricks and tools to make professional, clear, compelling presentations, ads, infographics, social media posts, and anything that benefits from a visual 

About Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson is 1 of 36 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the World and a CPP APMP Fellow. He is an internationally recognized visual communication expert, professional speaker, and trainer, and a multi-published, award-winning author. Mike regularly contributes articles and conducts training seminars to companies, organizations, agencies like Microsoft, Fed Ex, Motorola, Dell, Lockheed Martin, Subaru, and the NSA as well as at learning institutions and organizations such as STC, ATD and Training Magazine.

Mike also owns a creative services firm, 24 Hour Company ( and Billion Dollar Graphics ( that helps consultants, organizations, and agencies achieve their educational and sales goals through tools and training. He also authored two books: Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics and A Trainers Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters. Contact Mike at for more information.