How to Use Tech to Grow Selling Skills & Sales Results Rapidly


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    Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Sales pros, even those with a good attitude can only sell up to their level of competency.

Tasking, requesting, demanding that they sell more and more each year, that they sell the “new” solutions, that they go higher and wider in their accounts without continuously sharpening the skills to do so wastes time & leaves millions in sales that should be yours… on the table.

Today the smartest sales leaders and organizations produce modern high-performance selling teams and channel partner ecosystems leveraging the power of digital transformation.

In this webinar, learn how to use the power of technology specifically; mobile phones, video, gamification and analytics combined with peer and social learning to continually sharpen the skill set of your sales teams and partner sellers.

This new tech is so powerful that if your completion uses if before you do they will gain a market changing competitive advantage. If you allow this to happen on your watch as a leader at best you will look out of touch and at worse look like a fool for missing this game-changing moment in history.

Learn how to:
1. develop & continuously sharpen core selling skills like; prospecting and building funnel
2. get your middle of the pack performers selling like your best
3. share success stories in a way that elevates performance
4. use modern analytics for more potent sales coaching
5. arm your sales forces with consistent proven go to market messaging

Businesses that have harnessed this power have seen:
1. 30% faster ramp times
2. 50% YOY revenue growth

You can too. Join us for this fast paced, action packed, mind blowing webinar that has the power to transform your sales organization and results…BIG TIME.

About Chris Bennett

High energy, results driven, life enthusiast, husband, athlete, investor.  With more than 25 years of sales productivity and readiness expertise, Chris is empowered to improve the attitudes, skills, and results for sales pros, sales managers, and channel leaders.

As a recognized leader in sales training and coaching it is not surprising that Chris’ customers have produced eye-popping financial results after applying his frameworks. Pipeline growth of over 100%+ and 30%+ YOY sales growth is the norm.

Chris guarantees a 1000% ROI for businesses that invest with him. Chris has been a teacher helping people achieve their goals all his life. From summer camp counsellor to top fishing guide, Junior Achievement volunteer and board member to sales trainer & business coach. Helping people maximize their results and lives is Chris’ passion.

If you like practical, proven tools that produce measurable results quickly infused with a fired up, enthusiastic spirit, this webinar is for you. Learn More About Chris Bennett  



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