How to Connect Training and Incentives for High Impact Sales Results


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CSP, CPLP Fellow, Founder and Chairman, P3 Associates, Founder and Former Chairman of the Bob Pike Group
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    Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Do you run incentive programs - or sales contests? How effective are they? Do you conduct sales training and meetings for your salespeople (of course you do!)?  Are you getting all the results that you should from what is a significant investment? In this session, you'll explore 3 formulas that companies are using in trying to create sales results -- and learn why one of the three outperforms the others by more than two to one!

Here are the formulas (but you'll have to attend the session to learn the meaning behind them -- and how to make them work for you!):

L+M = HP

Millions of dollars are being spent by companies for training, sales meetings, and incentive programs. But are these investments - or costs? Do they work together -- or do they stand alone? In this session, Bob will reveal the formula he has been using for decades to help clients get massive results from their training, their sales meetings -- and their contests!

About Bob Pike

Bob Pike CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame, CPLP Fellow is the "Trainers Trainer". He is the author of more than 30 books on training and performance improvement. His "Master Trainers Handbook 4th Edition (formerly Creative Training Techniques Handbook) is the best-selling train the trainer book ever published with over 300,000 copies in print. More than 150,000 trainers on 5 continents have graduated from his 2 day Train the Trainer Boot Camp. He has presented at every ATD (formerly ASTD) ICE Conference since 1977 and at every Training Magazine Conference since they began. He continues to be a keynote speaker and workshop leader at training conferences around the world.

He has worked with clients in more than 25 countries including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Bahrain just in the past 36 months. He writes a feature column, "Trainer Talk" for each issue of Training Magazine. He is past Chairman of Lead Like Jesus, a ministry co-founded by Ken Blanchard and continues to serve on the Board of Trustees. He is Founder and former Chairman of the Bob Pike Group, founder of his new company, P3 Associates, LLC. and the founder/editor of the Training and Performance Forum newsletter.


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