No Time for Coaching Your Sales Team? (How to do it anyway)


Chief Coaching Officer, Progress Coaching
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    Thu, Jun 06, 2019 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Sales leaders today wear many hats and time is always scarce. If time is limited and we noted sales teams need coaching what is a leader to do? 

During this webcast, we will teach a variety of strategies that leverage time and position sales leaders to consistently develop their sales team members when time is limited. 

During this webcast you'll learn these valuable techniques:
  • How to use peers to coach for objection handling
  • How do you self-directed learning to onboard new sales reps
  • How to use observational coaching to leverage successful sales reps with those who are struggling
  • How to use practice and collaboration tools to build better skills and confidence
  • And much much more

About Tim Hagen

Tim and his company Progress Coaching have been helping organizations and their managers implement highly effective coaching for almost 20 years.  Tim is a pioneer in the coaching movement and continues to innovate and build solutions that drive and retain top talent. Tim is also the author of "Quit Managing and Start Coaching" and “Coaching: Corporate America’s Number One Weapon" and the creator of the Progress Coaching Training System.