Creating a Culture of Peak Performance Mindset


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Author, Founder and CEO, ProActivate
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    Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Mindset is the missing piece to grow and sustain performance. 80% of success is based on mindset; while only 20% is based on skillset. This webinar is designed to help us achieve higher levels of success by modeling and adopting the mindset of excellence. You will become highly aware of and be able to harness the power of your Inner CEO – the key center of the brain that regulates and improves what we do on a daily basis. 
Participants will be lead on a journey of discovery where they will learn proven steps to help create and maintain a peak performance mindset and achieve maximum success.

About Jamie Crosbie

Author of “The Power of 2, Exponential Sales Leadership” and “How to Source, Qualify and Hire Elite Sales Talent”  and my most recent book, “Journey To The Top “How to Reach Your Peak Performance Life”  Certified Speaker in the High-Performance Mindset System, Expert in Sales and Sales Leadership Talent Acquisition, Sales and Leadership Training.

Jamie has over 25 years of experience in sales leadership and the talent acquisition industry. She founded ProActivate 15 years ago. She started her career in traditional recruiting firms primarily in sales leadership positions. The following five years were spent within online recruitment where she served as Vice President of Sales at Career Builder.

Jamie is a certified speaker in The High Performance Mindset ® system, a revolutionary model that is elevating the performance of professionals ranging from athletes to executives to sales leaders. During these trainings she shares both the science and working tools that you can use immediately to enhance performance both for yourself and your team members. It’s proven that human performance is limited not primarily by skills and knowledge, but by the nature of our thinking, our mental preparation for success and the environment within which we choose to operate.