How to Train Smarter, Not Harder


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Senior Product Marketing Manager, Allego
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    Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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If you’re managing a distributed team, you know getting everyone on the same page to drive productivity is more important than ever. But depending on where you are, this could be difficult. In some states, stay-at-home orders and other restrictions are being lifted, while others are a long way from in-person meetings.

Either way, sales leaders must prepare their teams for success. Putting the right tools in place for training, communication, and collaboration is essential. Fortunately, there are proven tactics and technology that you can use to train across locations and time zones, both now and in the future.

Join us on June 11, 2020 to learn how to get a virtual training program up and running, for success long after the current pandemic has run its course.

You’ll discover:
  • Practical recommendations for sales leaders with dispersed teams
  • Why video conferencing tools aren’t enough to bring your remote team up to speed
  • How virtual training can replace and enhance your in-person training plans
  • The importance of implementing tools that allow for asynchronous, two-way communication, collaboration, and coaching between reps and managers

About Jake Miller

Jake Miller joined Allego after commercial launch to help establish product marketing and lead ongoing strategic use case development and commercialization efforts. Jake is passionate about sales performance and incorporates his experience as a salesperson in the commission-only high-ticket retail world into his approach for product marketing at Allego.

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