Your Company's Lack of Follow-Up Is Killing Your Sales Funnel


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CEO, Autoklose – a VanillaSoft company
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Do your salespeople send one follow-up email and expect results? With everyone working from home during this turbulent time it’s extremely important that your company has a proper follow-up sequence to get the highest conversion. Prospects do reply to cold emails but it’s on you to make sure your sales team is more persistence than your competitors.

Sales expert Shawn Finder will not only show you how to follow-up with your prospects, but also the ideal length of those follow-ups that will provide you the highest conversion.     
In this information-packed, sales training on how Your Companies Lack of Follow-Up Is Killing Your Sales Funnel, you will discover:
  • Why your sales team needs to be persistent but not annoying
  • The ideal number of follow-ups to get your prospects attention
  • What the difference is between a cold follow-up vs warm follow-up
  • The best way to use A/B testing to get the highest results
  • How to fill your company with qualified prospects

About Shawn Finder

Growing up as one of North America’s top tennis players, traveling around the world competing to be the next Andre Agassi, and being told at age 23 that he had to decide to try and become a tennis professional or get an MBA and go down the education route.
Shawn Finder always was an entrepreneur at heart. At age 24, Shawn entered the entrepreneurial world and never looked back. He started out importing packaging from the Orient and selling to top retailers in North America. However, knowing he always loved selling and list building, he founded ExchangeLeads in 2013 which helps his company build quality lists for outreaching new prospects. 
In early 2018, Shawn parlayed ExchangeLeads into his second start-up called Autoklose that is a new revolutionary sales automation platform that is used by thousands of sales professionals around the world to help save them both time and money.
Shawn has used his sales strategies to:
  • Bring ExchangeLeads from 0 to Breakeven in 5.5 months
  • Launch Autoklose with 3018 prospects ready to purchase before the product was developed
  • Fill his sales rep’s calendars with an average of 38 meetings a week
  • Increase his clients by over 300% month over month
You can read more or send Shawn an email at anytime if you have questions about sales. His website is or email Also, he is very active on LinkedIn so feel free to connect with him.


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