Maintaining Meaningful Relationships in the Age of Virtual Selling


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VP, Sales Effectiveness Services, SPARXiQ
Director of Product Management, SPARXiQ
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    Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Relationships have always been important in selling. Even in the new digital age, making personal connections based on trust and integrity, and supporting client goal achievement, remain essential to top sales performers. Unfortunately, many average salespeople operate under the impression that strong business relationships “just happen” when you get to know someone.

Ever since COVID-19 brought unique challenges and economic uncertainty, there has been additional pressure on businesses that deepen the importance of loyal relationships. This isn’t good for sellers who leave relationship development to chance.  

In this Sales Enablement Straight Talk™ webinar, Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt share the frameworks companies can use to ensure their sales teams are intentional about strengthening customer relationships to secure revenue in this time of uncertainty. Learn how you can apply structure and objectivity to an area that is traditionally viewed as a “soft” skill.

Topics include:
  • The fundamental mindsets sellers must possess to build deeper relationships
  • How to identify which customer relationships deserve the most focus
  • How to evaluate customer relationships objectively, to know how strong they really are
  • What it takes to develop the relationships with the most opportunity

About Mike Kunkle

Mike Kunkle is a respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. He’s spent 34 years in the sales profession and 24 years as a corporate leader or consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class learning strategies and his proven-effective sales transformation methodologies. Today, Mike is the Vice President of Sales Effectiveness Services for SPARXiQ, where he advises clients, writes, speaks, leads webinars, publishes sales training courses, and designs sales enablement systems that get results.

You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @Mike_Kunkle.

About Doug Wyatt

Doug Wyatt spent 10 years in an industrial B2B sales organization where he developed a suite of skills training and tools to drive revenue growth.

His initiatives established a track record of providing significant impacts in the performance of new sellers and veterans alike. Since joining SPARXiQ as Director of Sales Enablement, Doug has worked closely with clients to equip their sales teams with strategies, tools, and training needed to retain and grow revenue in today's evolving B2B marketplace. He has spoken at national sales industry conferences and led hands-on workshops to help attendees approach their own sales enablement and training efforts strategically. In 2019, Doug was recognized as a Sales Hacker Top 50 Award winner. Currently he is developing a number of training courses and sales analytics tools designed to accelerate growth in industrial B2B organizations.


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