How To Make Yourself Indestructible in Sales


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    Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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There are a thousand programs out there that teach you "How-To-Sell"--  most of which are really good. What they miss is how to handle the natural adversities and occupational hazards of the sales profession. Sales is one of the few roles where the better you are, the harder it may be to keep your job.

Robert Workman is a 40 year sales industry veteran. He’s managed sales teams for national companies that closed under him and been ranked #1 sales rep out of over 800 reps, only to be fired for performing too well. He’s gone from driving Ferraris and owning 70 acre cattle ranches to losing all his investments, livestock, even his wife-- all due to the ups and downs of being a master salesman.
Losing a job isn’t the first setback Robert suffered. But each time, he came back and grew more than ever before. How To Make Yourself Indestructible is Robert's time-honored method of thriving in the face of adversity. Robert takes you through how to navigate the sometimes testy waters between sales staff and leadership to make yourself firing-proof.

This webinar will cover topics including:
  • Losses – how to deal with companies folding or being sold, positions getting terminated or getting fired - so you can pivot effectively
  • Resilience – how to reinvent yourself for new industries and what tools you already have at your disposal to do it
  • Thought patterns – what’s on your mind impacts your actions and your sales quota
  • Your Effectual Field – how to build aura, charisma, dynamism, and magnetism
  • How to get rid of the negative influences in your life and how they affect your resilience
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About Robert Danger Workman

Robert Danger Workman writes from a consistent successful track record in sales spanning four decades and is the author of the best-selling book, Hired Gun:  You’re #1 and Somebody Hates it. He has published numerous sales training/human development programs and speaks to thousands of sales reps globally. Hired Gun has been revered by top sales trainers as a “must-read for sales people.” Robert races his Ferrari in cross country road rallies, has lived with wolves and mountain lions as pets, and resides in a warehouse he converted in downtown Dallas. Follow Robert at


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