Embarking on a Permission Mission: Giving Yourself the OK to Succeed


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CEO, Orange Leaf Consulting
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    Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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If you're not yet where you want to be in your life and career, what's holding you back? Most of us know the steps we need to take to move up to the next level, but often something gets in the way. And quite frequently that's obtaining "permission" to succeed. The hold-ups can come from many sources; let Dr. Cindy McGovern help you navigate these internal channels, and challenge the inner voices that govern our lives. Whether your biggest goals are professional or personal, Dr. Cindy's strategies will make your permission mission a successful one.

  • Discover what holds us back from truly pursuing what we want
  • Explore how the “voices in your head” can work against you
  • Determine who you need “permission” from to move to the next level
  • Identify the obstacles holding you back from your high-level goals
  • Develop action steps to overcome those obstacles

About Dr. Cindy McGovern

Dr. Cindy McGovern is known as the “First Lady of Sales.” She speaks and consults internationally on sales, interpersonal communication, and leadership. Dr. Cindy holds a doctorate in organizational communication and worked as a professor of communication before starting Orange Leaf Consulting, a sales management and consulting firm in San Francisco. She has helped hundreds of companies and individuals create dramatic and sustainable growth.

Dr. Cindy regularly coaches both professional sales employees and those whose jobs are not sales-related in an effort to help them both take advantage of opportunities to bring more business to their companies. For more information: www.drcindy.com


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