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Founder and President, SalesLeadership
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Many sales professional’s world were turned upside down, seemingly overnight. Field salespeople that had spent years honing their face-to-face selling skills were now charged with learning how to prospect and sell in a world gone virtual. Inside salespeople were experiencing deal slippage and frozen budgets.

And often, sales managers are not equipped to teach their sales team the complete set of skills needed to adapt and succeed in this new selling environment. They only invest time in teaching the hard skills of selling and neglect to teach the soft skills of selling, emotional intelligence skills.

Join Colleen Stanley as she shares thought provoking insights on how to integrate consultative selling skills and emotional intelligence skills into your sales and leadership processes. Bridge the knowing, doing and succeeding gap.

Actionable Insights:
  • Learn the neuroscience of effective sales leadership. Avoid the trigger-response-regret loop of leadership.
  • Develop your training and coaching skills. Stop being a professional “teller” and start asking powerful coaching questions that change selling behaviors.
  • Incorporate empathy, emotion management and self-awareness into your one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Create sales cultures of accountability and responsibility.
  • Discover why most sales managers work on the wrong end of a sales performance issue. What’s the real reason your sales team is selling on price, not value?

Soft Skills Do Produce Hard Sales Results

About Colleen Stanley

Colleen Stanley is president and founder of SalesLeadership, Inc., a sales development firm.

She is the author of two books, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success, now published in six languages and Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership.
Salesforce named Colleen one of the top sales influencers of the 21st century. She has also been named one of the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers, Top 10 Women in Sales Experts to Follow and Top 30 Global Sale250s250 Gurus. 

Clients include Harvard Business Review Poland, IBM, PCL Construction, Gallagher, Otterbox, HomeAdvisor and Bosch Rexroth. 

When Colleen isn’t teaching or speaking, she enjoys living in the foothills of Colorado with her husband Jim where they are fortunate to take in a lot of the great outdoors.