Find Your Kick-Ass Business Purpose Statement with This Simple Value Formula and See Your Business Grow


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    Thu, Aug 05, 2021 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Does your business need a mantra, a purpose, a kick-ass marching order to motivate your team? Draw in like-minded people, hire only great fits to your company, and learn a lot about yourself in the process.  Ron will share his extraordinary system in building the best purpose statement on the planet.

Choose values that will drive your business for years to come. Ron turned his great value system, The Worley Way, into a hiring machine that lowered his turnover rate 80% and he will teach you how.

In this webinar you will learn how to: 
  • Establish company values
  • Use values to drive more business
  • Hire like-minded people
  • Keep employees motivated and increase employee retention

About Ron Worley

Ron L. Worley II is successful business owner, real-estate investor, mentor, and self-made millionaire. He refused to accept circumstance, taking himself from a man on a path to death to living a world-changing reality. Host of the Sons of Ditches podcast, Ron inspires entrepreneurs, thinkers, and those wanting lasting change.

Contact info: Ron Worley 970-396-0589    No twitter.  FB @ronlworley and IG @ronaldlworleyii


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