Increase Sales Effectiveness through Leveraging Improvisational Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset


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Author, Keynoter, Owner, Brave New Workshop
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    Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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John Sweeney and the Brave New Workshop have been leading laughter-filled, high impact workshops for sales leaders & sales professionals for more than 20+ years. In this interactive, fun workshop we will practice how to harness the power of improvisational mindset and behaviors to increase sales effectiveness.  We'll be sharing our best practices we have successfully delivered in partnership with hundreds of sales organizations, across thousands of events. 

Key themes include leveraging an improvisational skill set to better handle objections, and using the tools of storytelling to influence and close.  You will come away with an approach and new skills to enhance your leadership, and to help boost the confidence and effectiveness of your sales team.

Learn more about the science behind our approach here.

About John Sweeney

As the owner and director of America’s oldest comedy theater, John Sweeney has honed his powers of improvisation to ignite cultures of innovative behavior within America’s biggest businesses including Microsoft, PWC, General Mills & United Health Care – resulting in more than 2500 events to date. Featured across countless media platforms including Inc, Forbes and Financial Times, he uses his scientific understanding of how human behavior is influenced, to implement simple but groundbreaking tools such as ‘Yes and…’ and ‘The Big 5’ so you too can be at peak innovation fitness. But the driving force behind Sweeney’s success are the results he helps clients achieve by effectively bridging improvisational theater skills and behaviors to the workplace through his speeches and training. His improvisational insights have resonated with a broad spectrum of forward-thinking business leaders from some of the most innovative and largest companies in the world – ensuring every level of the organization is operating within the mindset of discovery. Specialties/Speaking Topics Include: Innovation, Change, Leadership, Sales and Collaboration.


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