Never Say Whatever: How Small Decisions Make a Big Difference


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Life can be a lot like Chutes and Ladders, the classic children’s board game, writes Richard Moran in his brilliant new book, NEVER SAY WHATEVERHow Small Decisions Make a Big Difference (McGraw Hill; April 11, 2023). Each time you say “whatever” you slide down a chute, but each time you make a decision, you have the potential to climb a ladder and move forward. Moran, host of the syndicated CBS show “In the Workplace,” observes that “whatever” has become a flippant remark that is essentially a dismissal of responsibility. According to Moran, “whatever” is not benign; at work using the “w” word can be a career killer with short-and long-term consequences. And in personal relationships it’s toxic.  It almost always defers or eliminates a decision or a choice that should be made.
Moran argues that a commitment to “Never Say Whatever” will result in a happier, more successful, and balanced life. He points to studies that show how people who are comfortable with decision-making are more successful in their careers and happier in their lives. He asks leaders in business, sports, and media to share their experiences with the word or attitude of “whatever,” and the resounding response is that it is a sign of shirked responsibility and carelessness. Regardless of gender, personality, age, or Myers-Briggs type, the temptations of an aimless life can be avoided by making decisions, especially the small ones. When it comes to success and avoiding a “whatever” in life we must:
• Be Intentional – Understand that “if” I do X, “then” I’ll achieve Y.
• Be Self-Aware – Know your effect on others and your strengths and limitations.
• Be Accountable – Show up and take responsibility.
• Be Willing to Take Risks – We regret the things we did not do.
• Recognize that Actions Follow Choices – Follow up on decisions to achieve goals.
• Start the Day with A Choice – Choose to be an active participant, it all matters.
• Understand that Regrets Will Happen, Move On – You can make new decisions.
Each of these factors are explored in chapters that can be read in any order. These universal behaviors are the key to eliminating that sense of being stuck and feeling unable to pursue goals. NEVER SAY WHATEVER makes clear the nuances of decision-making and how even the smallest decisions can affect your career—and your life.

About Richard A. Moran, PhD.

RICHARD A. MORAN is a Silicon Valley-based business leader, workplace pundit, bestselling author, venture capitalist, former CEO and college president. He is best known for his series of humorous business books beginning with the bestselling, Never Confuse a Memo with Reality, and is credited with starting the genre of “Business Bullet Books.” His body of work includes 10 books about using commonsense in business. He is the host of the CBS syndicated radio program, “In the Workplace.” Rich has appeared on CNN, NPR, and most major media outlets. He continues to work with organizations to help them make better decisions and is an "influencer" on LinkedIn where he is a regular contributor.