Where Are Email, Phone, and SMS Outreach Headed?


​​​​​​​Growth Marketing Manager, VanillaSoft and Autoklose
Director of Customer Success, VanillaSoft
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    Thu, Aug 10, 2023 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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The channels we use to reach out to prospects and clients are constantly changing. Some of those channels have more regulations, some are becoming more effective and some less effective over time.
VanillaSoft have kept a close eye on how each of the major channels perform, with tens of millions of data points to build a story. 

Join Ollie Whitfield and Dan Sims for a walkthrough of exactly what is going on with Email, Phone and SMS outreach today and this year. If you're serious about your long-term success as a salesperson, knowing where to hedge your bets is important.

About Ollie Whitfield

Ollie leads Growth Marketing at VanillaSoft and Autoklose, 2 of the top Sales Engagement platforms. Out of work, you'll find him on the Pool table or football pitch.


About Daniel Sims

Daniel Sims has led VanillaSoft’s Customer Success team for more than 6 years and is responsible for coordinating all client onboarding, customer training, professional services, and account management across the organization. He is the foremost expert and evangelist of the VanillaSoft platform, with close to 10 years of experience in the product.With a customer-first mentality, Daniel is committed to enhancing the customer experience and ensuring lasting success by fostering long-term consultative partnerships with clients. While he excels at building relationships and delivering results to those he works with, he remains an average Bowler.