Selling to the C-Suite... Creating Bigger Sales in Less Time with a Proven, Tactical Process!


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Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author; Think and Sell Like a CEO and creator of Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer
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    Tue, Jun 27, 2023 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Getting appointments, having business qualifying conversations and selling to high-level, Executive Decision Makers is more important now than ever before! Unfortunately, it’s also more challenging than ever before! Perhaps, until now!

You’ll have an opportunity learn how to land more appointments and have more qualifying conversations with VITO the Very Important Top Officer, individuals with titles like, President, CEO, Owner and other privileged and empowered top Executives that have the ultimate veto power over every decision that’s being made...including the decision to buy whatever you’re selling!

Our special guest; Tony Parinello, is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and creator of his one-of-a-kind sales training program; Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer. Tony has personally trained over 2.5 million salespeople and the majority of the F-1000 to create bigger sales and commission checks while drastically cutting sales cycle times.
During this unique web-event you’ll learn proven, practical, tactical ways to:

1.    Create and maintain Equal Business Stature with VITO
2.    Create and deliver your Telephone Opening Statement to VITO
3.    Craft a series of Voice Mail Messages for VITO
4.    Accomplish your First Call business qualifying objectives with VITO

PLUS: A Question-and-Answer Session! You’ll get answers to questions that have other less fortunate salespeople stumped!

Special Bonus!
The first ten people to register and send their current Telephone Opening Statement will have Tony personally review and critique it!

About Tony Parinello

In 1995, Tony Parinello started a revolution. He created his own brand of sales training called Selling to VITO™, the Very Important Top Officer. Today, the majority of Fortune 100 and over 2.5 million salespeople in more than 30 countries create bigger deals in less time using his programs.

Tony is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and creator of Selling Across America; the first and only AM radio talk-show dedicated to salespeople and the art of selling. He is the Marketing and Sales Expert on, a site that is visited by more than 6 million unique visitors each and every month. Tony hosted the Entrepreneur Sales and Marketing Show and was a pioneer in the early days of internet broadcasting.

Tony has written nine powerful, practical, and tactical books on the topic of selling including: Getting to VITO, Stop Cold Calling Forever, Getting the Second Appointment, Think and Sell Like a CEO, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dynamic Selling and his massively popular Selling to VITO™, the Very Important Top Officer which has sold over one million copies and is currently in its third edition and has been recognized as one of the top 50 sales books ever written.