Five Fundamentals You Need To Master For Your LinkedIn Success


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Founder and CEO, Improved Together LLC
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    Thu, Apr 04, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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LinkedIn says that 98-99% of users don’t use it effectively.

In this presentation you’ll learn the five fundamentals, long-standing principles, you need to master to move into the 1% of users who use it effectively.

Techniques come and go; fundamentals don’t change over time. Knowing and implementing these fundamentals can position you for success in 2024 using this fast-growing b to b platform.

About Jon Keel

With two engineering degrees, Jon’s first career for 23 years was tech sales in the water and wastewater treatment equipment industry, during which time he sold over $250 million of capital process equipment. He ultimately became CEO of his company, which he sold in 1995.

Having obtained an MBA with an emphasis in finance, he “found” the internet in January, 1997, and, in his second career, for the next 25 years consulted with over 1,500 companies through his Improved Results, LLC business in seven countries to increase their revenue primarily through internet marketing, achieving over $100 million in increased revenue for his clients during this time.

With the pandemic, Jon pivoted in 2020 to his third career to helping clients use LinkedIn to grow their businesses. He currently provides a SaaS product and has developed teaching, training, coaching and mentoring as part of an overall system for his clients through his Improved Together, LLC business.