Procrastination - Your Super Power!!


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President, EXECUTIVE FORUM, Best-selling Author, Feedback Revolution
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    Thu, Feb 29, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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But wait .... can we talk about this tomorrow?

We've all done it, waited until the last minute, and then we are stressed. The deadline looms, and it's all we can think about - how this issue (that we set up) will ruin our day or week.
  • Yes, it's a mental game; thank goodness we have control over it. 
  • Control - perhaps that's a clue!  
  • How do we recognize and seize the moment when we choose to delay?  
  • It is undoubtedly a place to start.
  • Having a framework to support your Procrastination Super Power is essential!   
  • In this session, we will discuss the slippery slope of procrastination and how to leverage the catch-up process and turn it into a positive, reproducible skill.
  • Get ready to don your capes .... and unleash your Procrastination Super Power!!

About Margie Mauldin

As President of Executive Forum, Margie is an energetic and creative leader. In the past 30 years, she has earned the trust of the business community as an entrepreneur and successful business owner including regional associate partnerships with the Covey Leadership Center and Crucial Learning. A Master Trainer with those organizations, she has trained thousands of people to increase their leadership skills. Highly respected for her skills in leadership development and executive coaching, her three-pronged focus of organizational strategy, senior management team effectiveness, and communication set her apart from others in the field.

When she’s not working with clients, Margie can be found out in the community hiking, biking or singing with her jazz band.