Seven Pivotal Moments That Lead to Personal Growth


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During every journey, there are pivotal moments where you remember the person, place, and time when you learned something that changes the course of your journey. There are seven pivotal moments from Steve’s journey shared in this workshop that will help you in your leadership practice. 
  1. Emotional Intelligence 
  2. Communication 
  3. Ambiguity 
  4. Imposter Syndrome 
  5. Inclusion 
  6. Alignment 
  7. Why 

Steve shares some of the biggest moments when he learned about Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They say EQ dictates 60% of our future success. It is how well we can understand and connect with other people. Leaders are in the people business, so it only makes sense that most of the success is connected to understanding people. 

The second biggest lesson was in communication which is possibly the toughest task in business, our communities, and world. 

Third is ambiguity. Business has many unknowns and lives in the grey, two things’ people don’t like. We like yes or no, black, or white, not maybe, or grey.

The fourth moment was imposter syndrome. As we take on new roles, try new things and get uncomfortable, we can develop imposter syndrome where we feel like we don’t belong. We will talk about how to work through these feelings. 

The fifth lesson is inclusion. No one has done anything notable alone. Knowing how to partner with people and leverage those around us will lead to a greater outcome. 

Number six is alignment. As we continue partnering with people, it also matters how we align with peers, subordinates, and superiors to create a win-win for everyone involved. This requires stellar communication and a mindful approach. 

Lastly, the number 7 pivotal moment is why. Explaining why we are doing something in addition to what we are doing gains buy in and a better understanding people need to perform at a high level. 

Practicing these seven traits of a leader will help us be more effective and find greater success.

About Steve Reiner

Steve Reiner has been in corporate America for almost 20 years where he has led hundreds of people and hundreds of millions in revenue. He has an MBA with a concentration in Finance and International Economics from Nova Southeastern University in Ft Lauderdale. Steve authored the book Leaders Created to share his story and key learnings of how to become the leader you want to be. Creating leaders that handle today’s business needs is instrumental for an organization to thrive. Closing leadership gaps and having a team that can take on business challenges, will lead to a more engaged workforce and greater performance. Leadership is a competitive advantage for an individual or an entire company to leverage.
Steve’s speaking style is energetic, entertaining, and engaging. The topics he talks about resonates with a variety of people because they are real stories, from real experience, that comes from the heart. It was through tough times and desperation that he found new ways to lead. It was the numerous positions, mentors he had, and managers he worked for that are credited with the growth and success he has enjoyed in his career so far. There were pivotal moments throughout his career that provided Steve with the opportunity to develop a style of leadership that people thrive in. He developed a way of leading people that creates a competitive advantage. This is what he shares in his book and speaking engagements. Since its people that deliver performance and profit, that’s where he focuses. When the people are functioning at a high level, business performance is greater.

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