How to Develop Character Skills: The Key to Growing Stronger Leaders and Teams


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Co-founder and President, Grow Strong Leaders
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    Thu, Aug 01, 2024 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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When you hear someone in a leadership role referred to as a person of “strong character,” what comes to mind? We often think of character as something a leader has…or doesn’t. The fact is, character is not ONE thing, and it’s not a fixed trait. It’s a combination of dozens of behavior patterns, and each one can be developed or strengthened over time. 

In this session, you will learn: 
  • Why character is essential for effective leadership 
  • Tips for strengthening a character skill that most leaders struggle with 
  • How to use communication skills + character skills to increase your emotional intelligence 
  • The roles of coaching and practice in making changes in behavior that stick 
You’ll want to attend this session if you’re: 
  • involved in developing leaders within your organization 
  • a coach, consultant, or training company providing services to clients around leadership development 
  • a leader yourself who wants to strengthen skills around communication and character

About Meredith Bell

Meredith Bell is the co-founder and president of Grow Strong Leaders (GSL). Her company publishes assessment and development tools that help people build strong relationships at work and at home. Meredith is the author of three books and the host of the Grow Strong Leaders Podcast.
With her business partner, Dr. Dennis E. Coates, Meredith has created an online, self-paced program called GSL SkillBuilder that strengthens character and communication skills—which are at the heart of emotional intelligence and an organization’s core values. Denny is the author of a recent book, Grow Strong Character. Meredith and Denny are also co-authors of two books, Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills, and Peer Coaching Made Simple.