Why Sales Coaching?


Chief Coaching Officer, Progress Coaching
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    Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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Sales Coaching is a term thrown out by many organizations but few organizations truly deploy a sales coaching methodology and strategy.  Most managers know how to tell people what to do but coaching is about asking questions and facilitating choices. Managers are prone to lead meetings and set expectations; whereas, coaching is about asking questions and getting sales people to make a “true” commitment to their pursuit of improvement. 

This free webinar will teach how coaching can immediately impact the bottom line of your company and improve a sales team performance. 
This is a 100 % educational webinar and there will be no selling of any kind during the webinar. If your sales team does not have a formal approach to coaching this webinar is for you! 

You will learn 5 different coaching types, three of which don’t required the managers’ presence. (This alleviates the "I don't have time to coach" challenge.)  In addition, specific case studies will be presented to illustrate the value and impact of coaching. 

The webinar will be followed by 7 lessons sent to your email inbox to help reinforce and inspire you to coach your sales team. These lessons are 100 % educational, not marketing ploys.

About Tim Hagen

Tim and his company Progress Coaching have been helping organizations and their managers implement highly effective coaching for almost 20 years.  Tim is a pioneer in the coaching movement and continues to innovate and build solutions that drive and retain top talent. Tim is also the author of "Quit Managing and Start Coaching" and “Coaching: Corporate America’s Number One Weapon" and the creator of the Progress Coaching Training System.   


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