How Do You Outgrow the Competition? Let Marketing Shift Revenue into Overdrive


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Principal Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, The Pedowitz Group
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A recent study from the Lenskold Group/Pedowitz Group identified that companies in which marketing plays a role in revenue production, these companies are outgrowing their competition.  Are you outgrowing your competition?  2013 is the year for you to forget what you think you know about the role of marketing in revenue and embrace a new concept called Revenue Marketing.  In companies in which Revenue Marketing is used, marketing contributes up to 90% of the pipeline.  So if you’re heading into 2013 and you need a little help on growing top line revenue, marketing may turn out to be your secret weapon.

About Debbie Qaqish

Debbie Qaqish is principal partner and chief strategy officer for The Pedowitz Group. A nationally recognized thought leader, she has 30+ years of sales and marketing experience and is a leader in helping organizations connect marketing to revenue. Debbie is a pioneer in marketing automation – first as a beneficiary of the technology and now as an advocate and expert. She was named one of the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management for the last three years, as well as one of the Top 20 Women to Watch. She coined the term “Revenue Marketer” in 2010.

Debbie is working on her Ph.D. just published her first book, “Rise of the Revenue Marketer,” which won a gold medal in the 2013 Top Sales Award Contest.  Debbie frequently writes and is interviewed for articles appearing in publications such as, Chief Marketer, DM News and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.


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