Are You Managing Through the Rearview Mirror?


Michael leimbach   h
VP, Global Research & Development, Wilson Learning Worldwide
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    Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Sitting down with your salespeople and sales managers every month to review sales results and revenue is like driving by only looking out the rearview mirror. It gives you a good view of where they have been, not where they are going. The key to effective sales leadership is identifying the “leading indicators” of sales performance, finding ways to track them, and focusing your energy on reviewing and coaching to them. Explore how to identify leading sales indicators and how to use them to coach effectively.

During this webcast, you will:
  • Recognize the difference between “summary indicators” and “leading indicators” of performance, and the value of focusing on leading indicators
  • Organize the different types of leading indicators and applying these to your own sales organization
  • Generate a plan for how to implement leading indicator tracking

About Michael Leimbach, Ph.D.

Michael Leimbach, Ph.D., is Vice President of Global Research and Development for Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. With more than 35 years in the field, Dr. Leimbach provides leadership for researching and designing Wilson Learning’s diagnostic, learning, and sales performance capabilities and has managed major research studies in sales, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. He also developed Wilson Learning’s impact evaluation capability and return on investment models. Dr. Leimbach has served as a research consultant for a wide variety of global client organizations, is Editor-in-Chief for a major professional journal, and serves on the ISO Technical Committee on Quality Standards for Learning Service Providers. Dr. Leimbach has coauthored four books, published more than 100 professional articles, and is a frequent speaker at national and global conferences.

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