Next Generation KPIs for the Data-Driven Sales Manager


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VP of Marketing and Business Development, Qstream
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    Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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Given the evolution of B2B buying cycles, sales managers must continually acquire and adopt new skills to effectively lead, compete and win. Yet too often, when evaluating their team's performance, sales managers focus exclusively on performance metrics such as quarterly bookings or quota achievement. 

Of course, these are important-but they are also lagging indicators. If you have no deals closing today, the reality is that your team has been under-performing for months. So how can sales managers identify and measure the most critical leading indicators: the skills and behaviors required today to build sales success for tomorrow, and the long-term?
In this complimentary webinar, our speakers will define a new generation of sales performance indicators giving rise to the data-driven sales manager. We'll also share strategies that will enable forward-thinking sales managers to:
  • Assess and strengthen the sales capabilities that matter most
  • Validate and develop a profile of their top performers
  • Leverage real-time analytics for more effective coaching and development

About Lisa Clark

Lisa’s main mission is to establish Qstream’s acclaimed platform,  category and brand in fast-growth market sectors worldwide. Prior to Qstream, she led marketing for several successful early-stage software startups, including Avid Technology and Centra Software. She is a frequent industry speaker and author on topics related to data-driven sales performance, coaching and Millennial-ready sales enablement strategies. Lisa has a journalism degree from The American University, and a Masters in business communication from Simmons College.


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