Applying to be an SMMConnect Webinar Presenter

As you can imagine, we're approached all the time by people interested in presenting webinars to SMMConnect  members.  And we appreciate the interest.  For non-sponsored webinars, here's what we look for:
  • Mastery of the topic
  • Good to Excellent presentation skills
  • Acknowledged expert as proven by published works (books, blogs, podcast series, testimonials from other acknowledged experts, etc.)
  • A substantial following 
  • Compelling, necessary topic ideas that a substantial number of our members value and can apply
  • NON-COMMERCIAL (not an infomercial unless clearly stated in writing in advance, e.g. our product demo events)
  • Room on our schedule

Sound like you? First, understand that we aren't really looking for presenters.  You can imagine that we already have hundreds of excellent speakers that we can't squeeze in to our schedule.  And yet we're still looking for more great ones.  But if you're still feeling passionate about presenting a webinar....

Click here to submit a support request expressing your interest and your idea for the webinar. 
Include a note that addresses the bullet points listed above with examples, testimonials, any recordings that help make your case, etc.

Gary VanAntwerp is the Executive Producer of the webinar program (and manager of the Sales & Marketing Management and communities).  In most cases, he'll review your request within 30 days and let you know of TMN's interest.  Don't be discouraged if we don't select you. (We already do 250 or so webinars per year and we're booked 6-8 months ahead!)  We just might not have room at the moment.  But we're happy to try to do one more if you and your idea are great.  That's how we met some of the presenters we know now.

What else can you do?  You might start with submitting an article to Sales & Marketing management here.

We hope this addresses your interest in being a webinar presenter for SMMConnect and provides the answers you were seeking.