The Ultimate Guide to Non-Cash Incentives 2022

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The role of managing others in today’s environment is chaotic. Many workers are in the office half the time or less. Research shows that more than half of all employees are disengaged and more than 60% report they are currently looking for a new job.

Showing that you care for your workers has never been more vital to increasing engagement and retaining top performers. It starts by taking a genuine interest in employees as human beings and allowing them to bring their whole selves to work.

Rewarding employees beyond providing a paycheck needs to be part of your company culture. Our Ultimate Guide to Non-Cash Incentives is a new report that provides the latest research on effective reward and recognition in the workplace. It will help you:

  • Assess how your company’s recognition and incentive efforts compare to similar-sized companies and those that are larger or smaller
  • Learn how other companies are motivating workers and driving improved performance
  • Arm yourself with data that supports allotting substantial budgets for incentive and recognition programs
  • Provide a catalog-like review of the latest options in merchandise, travel, experiential, gift card and turnkey incentive travel solution providers.

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