What Does Effective Sales Coaching Look Like?
Guide by gryphon.ai

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We all know we need to coach sales reps. In the face of The Great Resignation, a staggering 60% of reps say that they’re more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach (*The Center for Sales Strategy.) However, successful coaching is not always as easy as it seems.

A sales leader’s time is spent on a multitude of tasks – accurately forecasting revenue, understanding where deals are, getting on calls with customers – and often, as a result, they don’t know where to begin a formal coaching process.

Whether your goal is to improve rep performance, onboard new hires faster, speed up your sales cycle, or boost retention rates, effective sales coaching driven by data can be a game-changer for your organization.

This guide demonstrates:
  1. How sales tech can identify coaching best practices and increase coaching effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. How to use data to improve sales coaching, including real-life examples.
  3. How to leverage sales tech to better identify “who” to coach, “what” to coach, and “how” to coach it!

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