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Sales & Marketing Management Focus Report

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Technology plays a vital role in companies’ go-to-market strategies. The tools in each sales team’s tech stack can be the difference between blowing past competitors or falling short of quota – again!

Choosing the right technology is among the most important decisions that sales leaders make. It’s used for everything from onboarding new hires to providing veteran rainmakers with highly qualified leads and the data to create the kind of tightly tailored messages that close deals.

But how to make the right decisions?

In our newest Focus Report on technology for B2B sales, we take a closer look at how businesses are using technology to reinvent their sales process to reap the rewards of more effective onboarding, enhanced targeting, improved forecasting and shorter sales cycles.

The collection of stories on sales technology examines:
  • Research from Gartner on what new software purchases are making the most impact for B2B sales
  • Best practices in the trend of automated demos
  • Seven technology disruptions that will impact sales through 2027
  • Technology’s role in one sales trainer’s push to teach lawyers how to sell
  • Why sales leadership will never be replaced by technology

This free item is only available for logged in members.