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Coaching and leadership are about people. People are unique and to compound the situation they behave differently under varied circumstances.

So is it not an overstatement to suggest that there is a framework that can be applied to achieving greater success with people and through them?

I will answer with my standard mini-exercise.

Assume you are a recruiter. You are asked to identify a Field Commander for a hot war zone as well as a Guidance Counsellor for an all-girls high school.

Did your mind automatically paint different pictures as to who will fill the roles?

Intuitively, you recognize the differences but what are the factors that brought you to that conclusion? Also, what if the roles were not so far apart, could you intuitively distinguish among candidates?

That is role and the value of a reliable framework.

For decades, as a member of member of the Extended DISC™ network, I have been using an approach that I call DISCerning Communication to drive healthy interpersonal relations among a cross-section of groups. When people experience others communicating with them in a manner that is comfortable for them the opportunities for positive cooperation increases exponentially. Someone referred to it as communicating from inside the head of the other person.

Course after course, webinar after webinar, article after article I receive encouragement to present DISCerning Communication principles in a concise publication to a wider audience.

This is your invitation to join the mission and make a positive difference in how we communicate and relate to others.

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Self-discovery is one of the bedrocks of effectively guiding individuals to a desired outcome. Trying to move people forward without a proper appreciation of where they are can have negative consequences.
Another obstacle in the way to outstanding coaching results is the challenge of establishing rapport between coach and coachee. How we rue those painful hours when the communication just does not work. It is like you are speaking different languages.
Well in fact you may be – behaviorally, speaking a different language.
The language of behaviors that is incorporated in the DISCerning Communication concept addresses the twin problems of poor self-discovery and weak rapport that are major hurdles that effective coaches need to clear.
DISCerning Communication uses unique insights from the DISC Framework to lay out clear guidelines for helping individuals (and coaches) to better appreciate their preferred approaches to dealing with life’s unfolding events. This is critical in identifying the starting point for truly effective coaching.
DISCerning Communication also provides the grammar for relating to others in a style with which they are most comfortable.
These intriguing concepts are discussed by SHRM Preferred Provider and Behavioral Coach – Trevor E S Smith - in a live, interactive webinar on July 6 at 11 a.m. Pacific time.

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