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Selling is social — but onboarding new revenue professionals often lacks the social and collaborative aspects of actual sales. This is especially true in virtual learning, when new sellers are onboarded ad-hoc or with LMS-based experiences that do not equip them with the sophisticated capabilities they need to drive revenue growth. 
How do cold email experts write their own emails? There is a ton of advice out there, and everybody has an opinion. But it's always harder to apply advice to your own work. We wanted to see how top, top sales experts write their own cold emails. To see which techniques they used. Which CTAs. The types of subject line they used. The number of sentences. The level of personalization. 
Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen a global pandemic, social unrest not seen since the civil rights movement, working parents stressed with having to home school, and a country deeply divided, we’ve also seen a changing workplace, where remote employment now being the norm in many office locations, and employees demanding that DEI (diversity / equity / inclusion) becomes a corporate initiative.  The boundaries between work - life have never been less clear.
This webinar will teach five specific activities the develop sales team performance, camaraderie, and confidence when selling. During this webinar we will teach activities that facilitate greater skill development and product knowledge. 
Smash your Virtual Presentation Technology Game Right Now! Are your virtual presentations boring?  Are you not meeting your sales quota?  Do you want to take advantage of the tremendous presenting and selling revolution?
This webinar will teach a very innovative approach to combining coaching and artificial intelligence to maximize sales talent for performance and predictable results. With the economy in a state of uncertainty there has never been a better time to ensure that your sales team's performance is optimized. 
Being able to present online requires tracking a lot of moving parts. Presenters not only need to monitor what they're saying and any visuals they may be presenting, but they also need to keep an eye out for questions, all while making an engaging experience for attendees. Did you know that some ways of asking questions of attendees make all of that harder? It's true, and it's what a lot of presenters do by accident.
Just because the world is starting to open up again doesn’t mean things are going to back to the "old normal"--nor should they! Dr. Cindy McGovern will guide you through actionable steps to take to combine the best of old ways and new to create a winning a sales plan.  Many of the changes we were forced to implement in 2020 and 2021 actually turned out to be good for business; find out which ones deserve to stick around, and keep both face time AND Facetime in your toolbox.
It’s become cliche to call the B2B buyer journey more complex and challenging than ever before. But that doesn’t make it untrue or less significant for sales enablement leaders.
If your staff meetings are an arms race of ever more rosy stories about the future, ever more closely guarded presentations of current status, and ever more vague discussions about how well things are going between salespeople and clients, this session is for you. Award-winning author and systemic culture change expert Ed Muzio will show you a new way of thinking about forecasts and data. You’ll learn what you can do with your staff, today, to get it functioning better as soon as next week. Get out of the business of guessing what people mean as they try to make themselves look good, and get your team sharply focused on working together with data and forecasts to achieve the real results you owe your leadership.
This highly interactive, fun and educational workshop will train on Team Selling/Making Joint Sales Calls to Win.  
In our last session, How to Accelerate Sales Effectiveness and Build Champions, we explored how to use technology & automation to train sales teams at scale.  
Sales as a function is changing. In a recent report by Gartner, 80% of all B2B sales transactions are predicted to happen over digital channels by 2025. Moreover, 20% of B2B companies will see revenue coming from multi-experience sales channels. Consequently, sales effectiveness is emerging as a top priority across organizations worldwide, following market share capture.
Congratulations, you’ve finally filled those open sales positions and soon your team will be at full strength! How solid is your onboarding program? Can you define the milestones from first day to first sale? Can your sales managers tailor the onboarding program based on the strengths and experiences of each new hire? Do you have opportunities for practice, peer feedback, and asynchronous coaching?  How about developing your existing salespeople? Where can they improve?  Have you built a culture of continuous growth and improvement? Or is training an "event" your team needs to get through to check the development box?  
You want your website to instantly captivate prospects and convert leads. You work hard to drive traffic. Those efforts should be rewarded with visitors who explore your site and begin to see you as the answer to their problems. Instead, your target market comes, doesn’t engage, and bounces away.
Executive presence, the ability to inspire, influence and empower others is a vital leadership skill - whether communicating face-to-face or remotely. However, believing that executive presence is conveyed the same way to a live or virtual audience is not only inaccurate, it’s costly.  
All too often sales leaders in organizations tend to focus on the people who are not producing sales when their most valuable talent is really the most marketable asset they have. With this webinar will teach how to maintain engagement and accelerate top performer’s sales ability and career development. 
50% OF WORKERS SAY anxiety negatively affects their performance. 75% SAY most stressful part of job is immediate supervisor. 60% OF ORGANIZATIONS plan to address anxiety & well-being in the next three years
A recent survey found that organizations exceeding revenue goals stand out as developing thoughtful, buyer-first strategies. And at the heart of these strategies is sales and marketing alignment.  
Attend this high-energy, interactive webinar and get the top five practical marketing and sales techniques successful organizations use to eclipse their competitors. Use one or more to increase sales and revenue.  
Companies today spend billions hiring and developing sales teams—yet many of them struggle to onboard reps effectively, especially in remote and hybrid environments.   
Prospecting changes constantly. Nothing works forever. The tactics constantly evolve. What's on the horizon this year and what should we keep an eye on?
In an increasingly hybrid sales environment, virtual selling will never be optional again. Even seasoned sales reps need to learn new skills to succeed. According to McKinsey, 80% of B2B buyers prefer remote selling over in-person. 
This webinar will teach conversational skills that can expand sales performance and results. Sales has so many situations that sales reps need to be ready for; therefore, it's imperative that reps are conversational ready. Often success can be attributed to product knowledge or relationships when in fact what we say, how we say things and when we say things can often deter or accelerate the sales process.
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