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Does your business need a mantra, a purpose, a kick-ass marching order to motivate your team? Draw in like-minded people, hire only great fits to your company, and learn a lot about yourself in the process.  Ron will share his extraordinary system in building the best purpose statement on the planet.
Organizations in the top tier of employee engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and have a 90% better growth trend than their competition. However, only 36% of U.S. workers are engaged, which means the vast majority sleepwalk through the day giving you zero discretionary effort. 
PowerPoint has a wonderful new presentation option called Live Presentations. You can share a deck with your audience and they can each have a personalized experience with subtitles, multi-language translations, reactions, and feedback. It’s a terrific way to share content, whether remotely or even in-person.
During this webinar we will teach an amazingly simple to implement three step assessment methodology that is guaranteed to improve sales expectations, performance, and application of sales coaching.
If you're not yet where you want to be in your life and career, what's holding you back? Most of us know the steps we need to take to move up to the next level, but often something gets in the way. And quite frequently that's obtaining "permission" to succeed. The hold-ups can come from many sources; let Dr. Cindy McGovern help you navigate these internal channels, and challenge the inner voices that govern our lives. Whether your biggest goals are professional or personal, Dr. Cindy's strategies will make your permission mission a successful one.
Sales continue to evolve and has also become the de facto for many companies. Every week, we hear about new sales productivity tools, engagement tools, enablement tools that help businesses with top-of-the-funnel prospecting. What do you need to have in your sales tech stack?  
The global pandemic, caused by Covid-19, has forced many people to work from home. In fact, of all U.S. workers, 56 percent could do all or some of their work from home. According to Global Workplace Analytics (GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com), it is estimated that:
Google Slides is the new kid on the block in presentation software, but it’s also one of the most capable tools out there. With so many now using G-suite for ultimate productive collaboration, and with the increased importance of slideware in online communication, it’s important to know how to use Google Slides to create impressive and engaging decks that communicate effectively. Come along to this masterclass to see how to revamp your slides to make them amazing.
You write and send sales emails without a second thought. Then the minute you decide to record a video message you freeze. You know using video emails in the sales process differentiates you and increases your win rate, but it feels intimidating. What do you say? Why would they open it? What if you look like a foolish amateur? Quiet the voices in your head. Join prospect attraction authority Kendra Lee and figure out how to use video in sales email.
This webinar will teach some of the most innovative ways to use feedback to drive training And talent development. During this webinar we will teach some of the most innovative ways to not only provide instruction and how to deliver feedback that is accepted yet also how to develop employee feedback acceptance strategies to maximize training serving as a training reinforcement tool.
One of the most challenging aspects of leading a sales effectiveness or sale enablement function is deciding what to do first and how to prioritize your projects for maximum impact.  
Only 16% of buyers say that sellers convey value effectively when selling virtually. Is your remote sales team missing the mark?   
The era of rep-centric sales enablement has arrived. Are you prepared? Learning and content capabilities are merging. Technologies like conversation intelligence and AI-powered coaching can provide deeper insights and better, more scalable sales support than ever before.
Join this session to discover best practices for scaling training with video and how to implement them. We'll cover tried and true strategies that Panopto customers like Qualcomm, Synaptics, Perkins Coie LLP, and others continue to use to successfully meet the growing demand for sales, compliance, and IL trainings. At the end of the session, you'll leave with five, low-cost, high-impact, key strategies you can implement to scale and increase the effective use of on-demand video learning across your organization.
If you Google sales training, you get 2.5 billion results. Do you think every program works? You know better. Attend this webinar to find out the secret to sales training that works every time, regardless of the topic, audience, or delivery platform.   
As a sales leader, you rely on your forecast data to be accurate. But your salespeople feel providing sales data doesn’t help them sell, and view it as extra "paperwork."  As a result, the forecast data you receive from your salespeople is typically incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant. 
John Sweeney and the Brave New Workshop have been leading laughter-filled, high impact workshops for sales leaders & sales professionals for more than 20+ years. In this interactive, fun workshop we will practice how to harness the power of improvisational mindset and behaviors to increase sales effectiveness.  We'll be sharing our best practices we have successfully delivered in partnership with hundreds of sales organizations, across thousands of events. 
Engaging webinars and training sessions are more important than they’ve ever been. For presenters and trainers, this raises the bar for cutting through the noise, getting attention, and creating an experience.
So many sales organizations operate with front-line sales managers "doing their own thing." It's like a free-for-all. Here's a pro-tip: the best-performing sales management teams work cohesively as an aligned, well-oiled machine.
This session is prescriptive and actionable. We will roll up our sleeves and discuss practical ways to identify sales issues involving people, leadership, pipeline, and process and some top actions to take immediately to work toward bigger revenues. Determine what you know and what you just think when it comes to facts about your sales team.
For years, the marketing industry has debated how to measure the return on investment for various marketing initiatives. This webinar, designed specifically for marketing professionals, describes how to measure the impact and ROI of all types of marketing campaigns, advertisements, promotions, and other similar activities. 
Virtual teams are here to stay. Soon, many companies will return to the office, but with smaller footprints and more flexible work-from-home policies that—while convenient—will make live team communication more complex than ever before. 
We can measure an endless number of activities and results with CRM and business intelligence tools. But like the old saying, just because we can measure something doesn’t mean we should.   
According to Fortune magazine’s list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For in America," 81 percent of workers in companies on the list report that they work in a fun environment. In fact, the variable of "fun" is the most distinguishing variable between those companies who make the list and those that do not. Employees at the best companies are having the most fun and if you make fun part of your work culture, your employees will fare better as well since fun is a proven driver of productivity, results, creativity and better relationships.
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