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The era of rep-centric sales enablement has arrived. Are you prepared? Learning and content capabilities are merging. Technologies like conversation intelligence and AI-powered coaching can provide deeper insights and better, more scalable sales support than ever before.
Join this session to discover best practices for scaling training with video and how to implement them. We'll cover tried and true strategies that Panopto customers like Qualcomm, Synaptics, Perkins Coie LLP, and others continue to use to successfully meet the growing demand for sales, compliance, and IL trainings. At the end of the session, you'll leave with five, low-cost, high-impact, key strategies you can implement to scale and increase the effective use of on-demand video learning across your organization.
If you Google sales training, you get 2.5 billion results. Do you think every program works? You know better. Attend this webinar to find out the secret to sales training that works every time, regardless of the topic, audience, or delivery platform.   
As a sales leader, you rely on your forecast data to be accurate. But your salespeople feel providing sales data doesn’t help them sell, and view it as extra "paperwork."  As a result, the forecast data you receive from your salespeople is typically incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant. 
John Sweeney and the Brave New Workshop have been leading laughter-filled, high impact workshops for sales leaders & sales professionals for more than 20+ years. In this interactive, fun workshop we will practice how to harness the power of improvisational mindset and behaviors to increase sales effectiveness.  We'll be sharing our best practices we have successfully delivered in partnership with hundreds of sales organizations, across thousands of events. 
Engaging webinars and training sessions are more important than they’ve ever been. For presenters and trainers, this raises the bar for cutting through the noise, getting attention, and creating an experience.
So many sales organizations operate with front-line sales managers "doing their own thing." It's like a free-for-all. Here's a pro-tip: the best-performing sales management teams work cohesively as an aligned, well-oiled machine.
This session is prescriptive and actionable. We will roll up our sleeves and discuss practical ways to identify sales issues involving people, leadership, pipeline, and process and some top actions to take immediately to work toward bigger revenues. Determine what you know and what you just think when it comes to facts about your sales team.
For years, the marketing industry has debated how to measure the return on investment for various marketing initiatives. This webinar, designed specifically for marketing professionals, describes how to measure the impact and ROI of all types of marketing campaigns, advertisements, promotions, and other similar activities. 
Virtual teams are here to stay. Soon, many companies will return to the office, but with smaller footprints and more flexible work-from-home policies that—while convenient—will make live team communication more complex than ever before. 
We can measure an endless number of activities and results with CRM and business intelligence tools. But like the old saying, just because we can measure something doesn’t mean we should.   
According to Fortune magazine’s list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For in America," 81 percent of workers in companies on the list report that they work in a fun environment. In fact, the variable of "fun" is the most distinguishing variable between those companies who make the list and those that do not. Employees at the best companies are having the most fun and if you make fun part of your work culture, your employees will fare better as well since fun is a proven driver of productivity, results, creativity and better relationships.
There’s a lot of advice "out there" around leading and developing salespeople. But irony is that most advice is focused on improving half of this word: sales. Sales forecasting, sales pipeline management, sales metrics. What’s missing is the last half of the word, which is people.
Technical sales representatives, sometimes also referred to as "sales engineers", are a critical part of many companies.   They work in a variety of industries, such as:  industrial/manufacturing, software, building materials, automation, HVAC controls, telcomm... just to name a few.   In general, they are selling complex technical products or services and they are a merger between the typical sales rep/AE and a technical support specialist or engineer.  It takes a unique blend of traits and skills to be a successful TSR.  
Thought leadership: creating, curating, and engaging on content is foundational to attracting your targeted audience and starting conversations on LinkedIn.   
Why do executives test and screen salespeople?  How can your sales teams circumvent that process and develop trusted advisor level relationships with those executives? 
This webinar will teach a three step reverse sales coaching model that helps drive performance and results. Often, we tend to apply sales coaching and training in a very linear fashion; whereas, this webinar will teach a very unique three step methodology that will help sales leaders uncover the following:
We’re all well aware that today’s workforce is very different then that of just last year. Whether your organization is now returning to the office, staying remote, or implementing a hybrid model, there is a need to connect employees together and create meaningful collaboration to support organizational priorities. Plus, employees are looking for ways to stay connected with each other and methods for accelerating their ability to upskill in areas critical to team, organizational and personal success.
In this session we will go through the top ways to get from wanting a more diverse and inclusive sales team to creating one that IS more inclusive, through planning and taking the right steps to success. 
As workplaces become more distributed, managers often find themselves managing remote or virtual team members. This geographic distance sets virtual leaders up to make five critical management mistakes that can reduce productivity, derail teamwork, undermine organizational loyalty, and increase turnover. Without team agreements about expectations and processes, working on a virtual team can feel like floating on a rudderless boat in the ocean.
Four critical fears have proven to be the greatest barrier to improved sales performance. Our experience has shown that leveraging personal power is, by far, the most important factor in addressing the Four Fears and ultimately determines success. Personal power is the single biggest "make or break" factor in performance for any career, sales or otherwise!
We all seem to recognize that sales coaching can significantly improve the performance of your sales force. But as a sales leader, how do you help your front-line sales managers get the best results possible for their time and effort?   
Would you throw a party if your chief financial officer told you "I can account for 94% of our expenses this year?"  Of course not - and yet, when your chief revenue officer says, "We hit 94% of our revenue goal - let’s go celebrate!" your sales team is throwing a big party.  Many CEOs and company leaders hold their sales team to a different standard and tolerate things they would never put up with from other departments.  Often without even realizing it, they accept mediocrity instead of having the sales team they truly deserve.
Today's younger sales reps expect more feedback and coaching from their sales managers. Veteran sales reps want to stay on top of their game but don't want to admit to their deficiencies. And their sales managers are hustling to meet the demands of upper management, worrying about meeting quota and putting out the latest fire. Sound familiar?
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