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Research indicates that sales managers have the single biggest impact on the use of new skills to drive salesperson effectiveness. Unfortunately, the majority of sales managers feels ill-prepared to coach and support salespeople on the skills they learn in sales training efforts. This webcast will show how our best practices for the first 90 days after sales training as a critical period to translating new sales skills into sales performance. During this session, you will learn about our process of supporting learning transfer and be able to audit your own sales coaching efforts against this learning transfer approach.
The common sales manager nightmare - your salesperson comes in with a "great opportunity," but …the customer needs a 10% discount. Why does this happen so often? Because your salespeople only know how to bargain ("He wanted a 20% discount but I talked him down to accepting only 10%")! What we really want salespeople to do is negotiate in a way that is respectful of the customer and the value they seek, while keeping in mind your company’s pricing and strategy needs.
In Q1 and Q2 the LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics engine analyzed millions of calls across dozens of industries. This data was analyzed using speech recognition technology and hundreds of thousands of proprietary algorithms. We extracted data about caller lead score, conversion rate, missed opportunities, sales skills, and even caller confusion and frustration.
Improving performance of the sales team is likely the most difficult task any sales manager or trainer faces. The pace at which we work and the amount of information needed on the job is overwhelming. Traditional methods of training just don’t work. Join experts from Sales and Marketing Management (SMM) magazine and Brainshark to learn how to turn training from a one-time event into a continuous journey that leads to increased sales.
Sales people hate to role-play. I hear all the time, but what if there were a way to get your sales team practicing consistently ultimately driving performance and revenue up? This webinar will teach 7 strategies you can deploy to drive greater acceptance of practice sessions and skill development.
Are your salespeople standing out in a crowded marketplace? Do they know how to differentiate on value or do they rely on discounting to close sales? In the quest to discover value as defined by the customer, salespeople diligently ask the customer questions to identify a need they are trying to solve! All salespeople know this, so they come up with the same list of needs and therefore the same expected solutions.
61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to Sales. Yet, only 27% of those leads will be qualified. And, only half of the qualified leads are ready to buy. Too many companies are wasting valuable sales time. Generating leads is easy—finding great prospects is harder.
Dave Stein maintains that there are three reasons salespeople lose business. First, they haven’t properly qualified the opportunity. Second, they don’t have a formal plan to win. The third reason is that they are simply outsold.
Times have changed. Contacting prospects and even established customers continues to get harder and harder. So how can anyone expect a sales person to be successful? During this webinar learn how you can use LinkedIn in ways you have never used, Google services that make gaining referrals easy, etc. This webinar is dedicated to teaching innovative methods and coaching strategies to drive Unlimited Referrals.
Objections occur at every stage of the selling process and its vital sales leaders drive the ability to handle each one successfully. Training alone will not work; therefore, managers must facilitate specific coaching strategies to handle each type of objection.
Simple mistakes have significant impact on sales results. Are you catching the blunders your sales team is making in their everyday activities? Whether they are new sales reps or experienced sales people who have gotten lax, as a sales manager you want to catch these mistakes before they impact sales and coach your team to higher performance. But before you can, you have to first recognize the mistakes.
Now more than ever, retaining your key customers is a strategic imperative. The role of the sales manager is to manage the sales process and lead the people. Many sales managers are highly effective at managing the sales process. Yet, sales managers need to ensure their top sales performers are fully engaged. This is something most sales managers understand, but unfortunately fall short of exhibiting the kind of leadership that contributes to an engaged salesforce. To assist them, in this webinar we will discuss steps sales managers can take to lead their salespeople to full engagement and higher performance.
Research shows when sales people follow their sales process they are more likely to meet their goals and quota. Sales Leaders need to drive the selling process as well as the performance required within each stage of the selling.
In this session, Steve will share what it really takes to achieve Customer Engagement excellence. As a result of his firm’s stellar work with some of the largest and most recognized brands, Steve believes that most sales training companies have it wrong. They focus on winning the deal. Many suppliers have it wrong as well, with no strategy, tools, or understanding of what it takes to build a long-term relationships where both supplier and customer achieve new levels of mutual value.
Disruptive forces—mobile, social and video—have fundamentally changed how training is designed and how learners learn. Learners are demanding access to training content 24/7, anytime, anywhere and on more than one device. This "New Normal" requires a blended approach that aligns learning with organizational needs, provides more interactive learning experiences and collaboration, and integrates training into the workflow; all while maintaining consistent messages across geographies.
Debbie Qaqish will explain how Revenue Marketers are making a huge impact on revenue while advancing themselves professionally within their organizations.  This bold movement towards Revenue Marketing has become a top priority in today’s corporate world and was the catalyst for Qaqish’s new book "Rise of the Revenue Marketer: An Executive Playbook".
There is no status quo in sales, only constant evolution. The vortex and speed of change facing the sales leader forces them to rely on experience and judgment when data is not available, or worse, not trusted. The next level of transparency will provide the sales leader with data-driven facts to complement their judgment.
Is your sales team using proven scientific methods to change people?  Or, are they wasting their valuable time and not effecting decision-makers?
Sales organizations often look at the competition as the enemy that must be beaten!  With this mindset, as a salesperson you are often put in a position where you fight the competition on the customer’s front lawn, in full view.  You need to shift the rules of the game from competing against the competition to competing on behalf of the customer by recognizing and delivering value. Value that is defined by the customer, not by a list of features and benefits.  In this session, we will explore an approach to understanding value to the customer, and how specific moves and strategies affect the customer and disable the competition.
It’s not a lie. Prospecting without cold calling is possible. Not only is it possible - it’s possible to be highly successful without picking up the dreaded telephone. The phone is still a valuable tool, but there are many different methods that can take that call from ice cold to pleasantly warm.
Sales people will find any way they can to avoid making more phone calls. There is too much voice mail, rejection, comments such as "I’m not interested", etc. This webinar will teach
Understanding performance measurement and its impact on business has quickly become a critical business strategy not only to measure the achievement of organizational goals and objectives, but also as a way to measure the effectiveness of the organization’s business strategy and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In this webinar we will learn:
Changes in the buying process are creating fundamental changes in the sales process. In fact, a sales process is not what salespeople need; today they need a way to facilitate the buying process. From the outset, buyers are in charge of the speed and direction of the process. They gather information about available solutions, screen potential providers, and select those providers they want to consider. Decision teams are the new norm, especially for strategically important buying decisions. Then the decision is handed off to Procurement departments who manage the actual purchase.
Why product expertise is the GREATEST asset any sales team can have and why when it’s lacking it can ruin a sales person’s opportunities. Clients do not have as much time to be sold to, so the notion of brining in product experts at a later date is not as widely accepted as it once was. This webinar will teach innovative ways to ensure all your sales team members know your products like the back of their hands and elevate your company’s experience in the marketplace.
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