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There is tremendous misinformation as to what sales managers should be spending their time doing.  This fast-paced session will highlight the 5 competencies on which sales managers should be spending 80% of their time, explain what is involved to master those competencies, and how much time should be spent on each.  Here are some favorites that are not on the list:
Managing multiple locations and their regional/territory teams requires a unique set of leadership skills and strategies. Join us to learn five key practices of how to lead from a distance effectively. Drawing from our recent national retail industry research study, we will explore the leading practices learned from surveys, interviews, and observations of some of the most productive and profitable multiunit managers on the planet.
This webinar will teach five specific tools and methodologies they can not only assist in your sales coaching efforts but develop higher performing sales teams. This webinar will illustrate the use of five tools and strategies that have enabled sales teams to become more productive and win more business. 
If you improve a salesperson, you improve one person. If you improve a sales manager, you improve the entire team. But, for most managers, self-awareness of their skill gaps is not an easy thing.
Nearly half of all sales executives in the U.S. have voluntarily left a company because of their direct managers. In many ways, managers are as important as the C-level in influencing a company’s culture. Yet many of today’s managers have had little management training and even less development, emotional intelligence and insight into the psyche of their employees.
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is hot. Red hot. According to a report by SiriusDecisions, 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM to better align sales and marketing over the next twelve months.
Building and maintaining a qualified, correctly sized pipeline is the key to sales success because no problems = no sales. Your sales pipeline is a collection of other people's; problems, worries and struggles. There are many reasons why sellers and their managers struggle or fail to do so.
You’ve seen the reports. That shifting to video-based eLearning can save the average company 50% to 70%. That IBM found up to 40% of its classroom training costs were spent just on travel. That Ernst and Young saved 35% by investing in eLearning. And that Microsoft’s move to video-based training helped reduce costs by $303 per learner, from $320 to just $17.
In this session we will go through the top ways to get from wanting a more diverse and inclusive sales team to creating one that IS more inclusive, through planning and taking the right steps to success. 
Obviously, the sales team has a tremendous impact in the organization. If sales people don’t produce, the business is negatively impacted. And that impact is felt at every level of the organization. That means keeping the sales team engaged and productive.
Sales training is a process, not an event. And it's purpose is to get results. That means that results are dependent not just by what happens during the training, but also before and after. Bob's ideas are being used by 800 of the Fortune 1,000. And more than 150,000 trainers on five continents are graduates of Bob's 2-day train the trainer program.
It seems as if Social Selling is being talked about everywhere by everyone who is anyone in the world of sales and marketing. Yet, many sales reps haven’t adopted effective methods for selling in our digital age, or worse, are doing damage to their reputations and opportunities by fumbling their way through and alienating prospects in the process.
Everyone seems to recognize that sales managers should be coaching. But how? What exactly should they do to maximize their limited and valuable time to get the results they need?
70% of today’s buyers wait until they have fully defined needs, and 44% identify the best solution on their own before engaging with sellers. As modern buyers embrace self-service (via the internet, social media, etc.) for much of their buyers’ journey, traditional selling techniques just aren’t cutting it anymore.
Sales people hate to role-play. I hear all the time, but what if there were a way to get your sales team practicing consistently ultimately driving performance and revenue up? This webinar will teach 7 strategies you can deploy to drive greater acceptance of practice sessions and skill development.
Just like a house needs a blueprint or a film needs a script, great sales training needs a plan. But with limited time and resources, you may have questions about where to start or what to build first. Don’t worry - you’re not alone!
Many companies make a significant investment in their sales force since this is the front line in promoting their products and services. Optimizing the use of this resource is a continuous challenge affected by many internal and external factors. As these factors constantly change, firms repeatedly must address major strategy issues to ensure continued success.
If LinkedIn is not part of your strategy, you are leaving money on the table. If you went to LinkedIn and searched for either your clients or prospects, you will find approximately 98% of those professionals are on this platform. So why wouldn’t it be one of the biggest assets in your lead generation strategy.
There are 8 steps to rolling out an effective social selling program. In this webinar, Sales and Marketing leaders will learn what it takes to roll-out an effective program that generates business opportunities.
When you've presented the proposal, but opportunities aren't closing, you need strategies to compel prospects to make a decision. And discounts aren't the way to do that.
You’ve mastered marketing campaigns, but there’s more to email, events and digital marketing if you want to drive sales qualified leads. It’s time to elevate your marketing and sales approaches to convert those marketing qualified leads into the sales pipeline. 
We all seem to recognize that sales coaching can significantly improve the performance of your sales force. But as a sales leader, how do you help your front-line sales managers get the best results possible for their time and effort?   
On average, 83% of all newly hired salespeople quit within 3 years while 30% of them quit within just 3 months. One of the biggest reasons that newly hired sales representatives fail is because of their inability to prospect and build a pipeline of opportunities. Without effective prospecting, there will be no sales. Solid prospecting skills thus are of vital importance to the success or failure of any salesperson.
The steps in the sales cycle have remained consistent over the years. What's changed are the tools that top sellers use to win more business. More and more, digital sales tools require salespeople to think and act like marketers to attract prospects.
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