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Brian Tracy: The Most Important Qualities Managers Must Have for Success

Brian Tracy explains the most important quality that a manager should have, the three most common mistakes leaders make, how to set better goals and the importance of the work culture.

Jennifer Gluckow: Tips for Young and First-time Managers

Jennifer Gluckow discusses how age plays a role in the workplace and uses her professional experience to share her advice for young and/or first-time managers.

Tom Peters: The Excellence Dividend

Tom Peters warns of coming artificial intelligence and how to avoid being replaced by technology, the characteristics of a successful team and the critical need for soft skills mastery by managers at all levels.

Cy Wakeman: Ditching Drama and Entitlement

Learn Cy Wakeman’s definition of drama, and the effects on the workplace, acceptable ways to react to drama that has been created and how to hire low drama employees.
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