Speaker: Ed Muzio

Ed Muzio
TX, United States
Ed Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics, has a simple mantra: "higher output, lower stress, sustainable growth." It’s a promise central to his company’s mission of creating culture changers. His books have won Awards of Excellence in the performance improvement field, and his work on culture change has been hailed for producing substantial results even in the most challenging circumstances. Originally trained as an engineer, Ed has started organizations large and small, led global initiatives in technology development and employee recruitment, and published articles and papers on a variety of business topics, from manufacturing strategy to the relationship between individual skills and team output.  Learn more about Ed and his latest book, Iterate, at www.GroupHarmonics.com and www.IterateNow.com


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    Ed Muzio
  • Job Title
    Author & CEO, Group Harmonics

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