Speaker: Chad Albrecht

Chad albrecht headshot
Chad albrecht headshot
Chad Albrecht
IL, United States
Chad Albrecht and Steve Marley are principals in ZS Associates’ Sales Compensation Practice. Chad and Steve collaborated to write “The Future of Sales Compensation” delivering forward-looking insights to help companies become sales comp innovators. The book has never-before-seen ideas on critical sales compensation issues and should be on every sales executive’s reading list.  
They were also on the team of leading experts who wrote “Sales Compensation Solutions”.  This book offers actionable insights and ideas that sales and compensation professionals can use to design and implement programs that work in today’s selling environment.

Both Chad and Steve are Certified Sales Compensation Professionals with years of experience in an array of industries including consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, high tech, hospitality, manufacturing and telecom — just to name a few.   


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    Chad Albrecht
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    Principal, ZS Associates

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