Speaker: David Bauders

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David Bauders
President and CEO David Bauders founded SPA in 1993 and its subsidiary, SPASIGMA, in 2015. SPA is the world’s first company to provide an integrated, holistic profit-driving solution that integrates decision-support analytics and entertaining, high-performance virtual training. SPA helps market leaders’ teams drive greater financial performance by providing the skills training and analytical tools to master the critical daily decisions that drive profitability and enterprise value: negotiation (sell-side and buy-side), profitability acumen, and emotional intelligence. SPA’s holistic approach helps clients sustainably create and capture higher economic value. SPA’s typical client experiences increased profits equal to 2%–4% of affected sales in less than 90 days.


  • Full Name
    David Bauders
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    Founder and CEO, SPA & SPASIGMA

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