Speaker: Heather Sager

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Heather Sager
When Heather Sager hired WhiteSpace at Work to do a keynote session in 2015, she was an executive at a management company, overseeing training programs for more than 2,500 individuals. As one of the organization’s top speakers, she traveled around the world, presenting for entrepreneurs, executives, and employees. After personally incorporating WhiteSpace concepts into her daily practice, she saw a reduction in busywork, which led to greater focus and performance. She knew that if other professionals could incorporate WhiteSpace into their culture, they would also get positive results. Heather left her executive role to help other leaders improve their cultures. As WhiteSpace at Work’s lead trainer, she brings seventeen years of presentation and facilitation skills to the WhiteSpace team.


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    Heather Sager
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    Lead Trainer


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    WhiteSpace at Work

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