Speaker: Tiffani Chen

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Tiffani Chen
Tiffani Chen is an industrial/organizational psychologist with over 15 years experience helping companies identify, recruit, and retain top talent.  She got her start in I/O psychology after being unsatisfied with the lack of science used to hire and train employees.  Tiffani specializes in developing structured interview questions, matching the cultural fit of individuals to organizations, and identifying the most important qualities needed for success on the job.  In addition, she has designed validation studies that include concurrent and longitudinal predictive validation.  Tiffani has published book chapters and peer reviewed articles in the areas of leadership, teams, and culture, and holds a BA in Psychology from Princeton University, and a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from George Mason University.  She can be reached at tiffanirchen@gmail.com


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    Tiffani Chen
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    Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

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