Speaker: Jason Thomson

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Jason Thomson
“When it comes any type of communications — there is one single focus that stands above all others. ‘Connection’ counts most.” - Jason Thomson Content Supernova, SpeakUp Get Results 

Connect. It’s your secret sauce to winning business, winning over audiences and winning with communications.
When it comes to connecting better, smarter and more deeply – you want to know  communications leader Jason Thomson.
For more than a generation as a TED-level keynote speaker, workshop creator and facilitator, copywriter and content creator, radio show host and Creative Director, Jason has helped brands, leaders influencers to shift mindsets, inspire new thinking and activate audiences. 
As a self professed “Swiss Army Knife of Communicatins,” Jason fuels the trajectory of the world’s most important brands, IBM. Cirque du Soleil. TD Bank. Intel and Abbott Pharmaceuticals.  


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    Jason Thomson
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    Content Supernova


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    SpeakUp Get Results

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