Translating Your Investment in Sales Enablement Into Sales Performance


Chief Sales Officer, Integrity Solutions
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Vice President of Client Development, Integrity Solutions
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    Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Sales enablement is hot today and with good reason for how it can equip sales teams with data and information to help them sell more effectively. But many enablement initiatives are struggling to live up to their potential and the performance gains that are anticipated. What’s the #1 overlooked gap that is fueling this discrepancy and challenging the credibility of enablement initiatives? How can you use sales enablement tools and tactics to help your salespeople increase the quantity and quality of the conversations they have with prospects — and drive stronger sales performance?
This webinar will explore training’s role in helping salespeople to actually use all those enablement tools to connect more successfully to where their prospects are in their buying journey. We will also discuss coaching’s role in supporting use of enablement initiatives and driving consistent performance.

About Bruce Wedderburn

Bruce Wedderburn has over 20 years of global experience in the sales performance improvement industry building, coaching and directing sales teams and distribution channels to surpass growth targets. He has a passion to create business results for clients through the successful execution of customer-led sales strategies. Prior to joining Integrity Solutions Bruce was the leading sales person in North America for Dale Carnegie Training and led the redevelopment of the company’s sales performance practice. At Huthwaite, he was a top performing salesperson, highly recognized sales leader, and spearheaded the successful expansion of the organization into Australia, Asia and Latin America. As EVP of Enterprise Sales at MHI Global, he recently led the united brands in North America. Originally from Australia, Bruce lives with his wife and three children in the Washington DC area.

About Donna Horrigan

Donna Horrigan joined Integrity Solutions in 2018 with more than 20 years' experience partnering with clients to drive business outcomes through performance improvement learning solutions. She is an experienced sales professional, leader, collaborator and trusted advisor specializing in organizational change and long-term improvement. A steadfast client advocate, Donna brings passion and infectious enthusiasm to all her client engagements. Donna makes it her mission to help companies implement resilient talent management strategies by developing and retaining their most precious assets – their people and clients. Donna serves Integrity Solutions clients based in the Northeastern U.S. and resides in Connecticut.

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