Q4 Closing: How to Prepare Reps for the Final Push in a Tough Year


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Q4 is upon us. It’s been a tough sales year. Your sales team has one last quarter to pull the numbers up. Prospecting and closing business around the holidays present a challenge and salespeople lose focus. What can you do to prepare your reps to look for last minute opportunities and make one final push? What can your sales reps say to get contacts to meet and close a sale with little time left in the year?
Join prospect attraction authority and author Kendra Lee and discover how to prepare your reps with five compelling conversations that open the door AND drive new business quickly.
You’ll discover:
  • Where to uncover Q4 opportunities your sales team can close quickly
  • Strategies you can use to motivate weary reps
  • 4 attention grabbing conversation starters
  • 3 strategies to convert conversations to closed sales

There’s money to be made at the end of the year even in uncertain times. Arm your reps with the right conversations to have with prospects to find immediate opportunities.

About Kendra Lee

Despite starting her sales career in accounting, failing IBM’s entry level sales exam, and being told she couldn’t sell without an engineering background, Kendra Lee entered sales and proved those nay-sayers wrong. She turned her knowledge of numbers into a lead generation approach that propelled her to the top 1% of sales professionals for each IT company where she sold. Kendra founded KLA Group, a sales and marketing agency, to consult, train and “Do it For You” to get more customers. She is the author of the books The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal.


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