Practical Methods to Influence Sales Teams to Higher Performance


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Managing Partner, Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Jeff cochran
Partner and Master Facilitator, Shapiro Negotiations Institute
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    Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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This interactive webinar is specifically for sales managers and executives who are constantly negotiating and influencing their sales team to perform at the highest level (or conducting some of their own sales). It will be split into three parts:

1. An interactive portion based on a real situation that SNI was involved in and asked to advise on. It requires complete participant interaction and will result in a few specific negotiation and influencing learning points.

2. Guided discussion walking participants through SNI’s negotiation model, especially as it relates to preparation and deeper discovery within sales and sales management.

3. A Q&A about the content covered and/or sales and sales management as it relates to negotiation and influencing.
Sales Managers will walk away from this webinar with practical methods to negotiate and influence the sales team more effectively, as well as pass on tools and skills that will improve their team’s performance.

About Andres Lares

Andres is the Managing Partner at SNI. He previously served the role of Chief Innovation Officer.  His multi-disciplinary and lingual skills broaden SNI’s ability to effectively teach and consult in a wide range of industries, languages, and cultures. Andres’ expertise is in deal coaching live negotiations for sports clients such as the San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Milwaukee Brewers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Brooklyn Nets. Andres managed the development of SNI’s Advanced Negotiations Program, which includes video-taped role play of customized simulations and real-time coaching, available both in the classroom and online. Andres was born in Venezuela, grew up in Canada, and has traveled to over 30 countries. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two kids.

About Jeff Cochran

Jeff has coached negotiation teams within organizations and has delivered high impact presentations from forty-five minutes to three days in length.  His audience size has ranged from five executives around a boardroom table to one thousand people in an auditorium. Jeff has delivered customized programs for clients across many diverse sectors: Financial Services (Barclays, PricewaterhouseCoopers, J.P.Morgan Chase); Pharmaceutical (Novo Nordisk, Sanofi-aventis, Bristol Myers Squibb); Insurance (GeneralReinsurance, Nationwide); Telecommunications (Verizon, Comcast); Medical Devices (Toshiba Medical Systems, Siemens Medical); Sports (Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, Madison Square Garden); Media (ESPN, Hearst Corporation) and a host of others.  Jeff also works closely with the Anthony Robbins Platinum Partnership, an exclusive membership-only group personally coached by Tony Robbins. Jeff is a member of the Mensa International Society and holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University.  Jeff lives with his wife and his two children in Fallston, Maryland.

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