Four Fears Creating a Barrier to Your Sales Team’s Success


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Four critical fears have proven to be the greatest barrier to improved sales performance. Our experience has shown that leveraging personal power is, by far, the most important factor in addressing the Four Fears and ultimately determines success. Personal power is the single biggest “make or break” factor in performance for any career, sales or otherwise!

None of the other qualities we associate with salesperson success—accumulated knowledge, intelligence, sales technique, insight, product familiarity, instinct, intuition, and wisdom—can hold a candle to personal power. In fact, personal power allows these other qualities to come to life.

Salespeople have to rely on more of a human side. In our 50+ years of working with successful salespeople, the effective use of personal power distinctly separates those at the top from those at the bottom.

So, what prevents so many salespeople from fully leveraging their personal power? There is only one thing—or more accurately, one person—who gets in the way, and that is salespeople themselves. We help salespeople identify how the Four Fears can limit their effectiveness and what they can do to overcome those fears and unleash their personal power.

During this one-hour webinar, we will:
  • Examine the way salespeople use their energy
  • Review each of the Four Fears and how they influence personal power
  • Probe into the use of power-depleting and power-building words 
  • Reinforce sales coaches as leaders in this process

About David Yesford

David Yesford is Senior Vice President of Wilson Learning Worldwide. With more than 33 years of experience developing and implementing human performance improvement solutions around the world, Mr. Yesford brings valuable experience, strategic direction, and global perspective to his work. Over the years, he has held strategic roles in Wilson Learning Worldwide’s core content areas of sales and leadership, as well as e-learning and strategic consulting. Mr. Yesford is the contributing author of several books including Win-Win SellingVersatile SellingThe Social Styles Handbook, and The Sales Training Book 2. He has also been published in numerous business publications throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Mr. Yesford frequently speaks at international engagements, focusing on issues such as sales and sales strategy, leadership, employee and customer engagement, brand, and strategy implementation.

About Tom Roth

Tom Roth is Chief Operating Officer for Wilson Learning Worldwide and President of Wilson Learning Worldwide Japan. He is responsible for the strategic direction and business performance of Wilson Learning Worldwide operations and leads the global marketing services and R&D solutions group. He assists global executive leadership teams with issues related to employee engagement, leadership development, strategy alignment, and business transformation.
Mr. Roth has spent over 35 years developing and implementing human performance improvement solutions. He is coauthor of the new book Unplugged: How Organizations Lose Their Energy and How to Get It Back, released in March 2019, and Creating the High-Performance Team and is published in numerous business publications. He frequently speaks on leadership, sales effectiveness, employee and customer engagement, change, and strategy implementation at national and international conferences and client events.



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